12556755_sAlthough sexual abuse primarily occurs in domestic settings such as someone’s home, a significant number of incidents occur in organizational or professional settings including one’s place of employment. Research suggests there has been a growing number of reports of sexual misconduct in the work place, specifically relating to sexual assault or abuse, leading to the realization that it is indeed a major social problem.

Despite this revelation, some cases of sexual misconduct in corporate settings are often disregarded, as some may not be viewed as criminal acts, or are believed to be “less severe,” as they can often be indirect and subtle. This may therefore cause confusion on the part of the victim, who may question the intent of the act, or how their concerns may be perceived by others despite their negative experience.

Significant lasting effects on victims

Here at the Fitch Law Firm, we understand that any form of sexual misconduct at work can have significant lasting effects on victims, both in and outside the walls of the workplace, regardless of how that misconduct is viewed by others. Our seasoned professionals recognize that some advances may be minimized by the perpetrator or even the organization, to prevent you from speaking up. You don’t have to be silent. Our compassionate and experienced team has successfully handled sexual abuse and misconduct cases, and we are committed to seeking justice on your behalf.

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Workplace sexual misconduct victims need to take action

Some of the main reasons victims of workplace sexual misconduct are reluctant to take action are due to being intimidated, manipulated into thinking it was a misunderstanding, being told it is simply “not a big deal” or being unaware that they are being violated and it’s unlawful.

The professionals at The Fitch Law Firm are experienced in this area and can provide you with the help and legal advice you need.

Sexual misconduct in the workplace may include:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual harassment
  • Stalking

The most common form of sexual misconduct at work is sexual harassment. This involves:

  • Any unwelcome or unwanted sexual touching of the victim (including fondling, rape or sexual assault)
  • Any written, verbal or electronic form of communication that is sexual in nature, which may cause one to experience feelings of fear, intimidation, violation or concern for personal safety.

Some advances may include threats to terminate employment or withhold promotions if requests are not met, being called offensive names, asked inappropriate questions about body parts and sex life, or inappropriate and unwanted sexual suggestions. Research showing the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in the workplace, and its impact on victims, indicates that apart from the negative psychological effects, workplace harassment is also an infringement on the employee’s rights, creates a hostile work environment for the victims and may result in impaired work performance, or even termination.

Let the Fitch Law Firm fight for your rights

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