sexual abuse in group homesSituations beyond the control of a child can lead the state to making choices concerning the child’s living arrangements and welfare. Society, the system, and the child should be able to view these decisions and placements as a safe harbor. Unfortunately, at a time when a child is most vulnerable and in need of refuge, these safe harbors can be overshadowed by sexual abuse at the hands of others encountered in a group home, orphanage, or foster home environment. The Fitch Law Firm understands how difficult it can be to find your voice after falling victim to a sexual perpetrator in any of these settings. Our experienced professionals can ensure that your story does not go unheard.

The Startling Truth

Studies shows that a child placed in the foster care system is 4 times more likely to fall victim to sexual abuse than a child outside of the system. When a group home or other institutional setting is the placement option for a child, the rate alarmingly increases to a child being 28 times more likely to fall victim to sexual abuse. Any statistic or ratio is too much, but the increases that occur in these environments is deplorable. The Fitch Law Firm is here to find justice for victims and work to ensure that any and all perpetrators are held accountable.

The perpetrators of these crimes may be the adult figures or employees within the setting, but there is also a large occurrence of sexual abuse perpetrated by other children or residents within the home or institutional environment. Regardless of the age of the offender(s), justice must be served. If you or a loved one are a child victim or one of the estimated 42 million adult survivors of child sexual abuse and were victimized in a group home, orphanage, or foster home setting, The Fitch Law Firm will navigate the proper legal channels to shed a light on these reprehensible crimes.

Breaking the Silence

The life-changing impacts of sexual abuse can be devastating. The feelings of shame, guilt, and self-blame that can result from such abuse will often keep victims silent. The burdens carried by abuse survivors can affect all aspects of their personal and professional lives. If you or a loved one were placed in an environment where sexual abuse occurred and were left feeling that there was no one to turn to or trust, know that you can trust in the compassionate and experienced professionals at The Fitch Law Firm to lend a legal voice to your victimization.

The ability to find closure when dealing with a victimizing crime can allow the healing process to begin. While nothing can take away the pain and long-term suffering that can accompany sexual abuse, closure and justice can allow survivors to move forward on a newfound path in life. Let The Fitch Law Firm help your voice to be heard and seek out any compensations, monetary or otherwise, that may be available.

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