sexual abuse by teachersTeachers are educated professionals in a field that garners trust and respect from students, parents, and community members. When young children enter school, they are told to listen to teachers, respect teachers, and follow teachers’ instructions. With teachers being some of the most prominent figures in the formative years of a child’s life, their influence and actions can have far-reaching effects on the future
s of their students.  When these influences and actions are negative in nature and the blanket of trust that covers the student-teacher relationship is violated, the effects can be traumatizing.

Who Are Teacher Predators?

Until recent years, the image that typically came to mind of a teacher accused of sexually abusing a student was likely that of a gangly and awkward male preying on elementary-aged children. A recent surge in media attention from shows like 48 Hours has altered that image to one of a young and attractive female educator sexually engaging her teenaged students. In reality, the image is irrelevant because both of these scenarios involve the victimization of children. Children that, regardless of age, are being sexually abused by the very adults into whose care they were entrusted. Any situation involving student-teacher sexual contact or relations is reprehensible, and The Fitch Law Firm is here to ensure that the perpetrators of these crimes are held accountable. No matter what the scenario may be, a crime was committed, and justice must be served.

Teachers invest a lot of time in getting to know their students. They are also privy to a lot of personal information and history pertaining to these students. When a teacher’s interest in a student changes from that of compassionate educator to child predator, the information that was provided to aid teachers in connecting with and understanding a student for learning purposes can be used to manipulate and sexually abuse that same student. The victims of these incidences can develop a fear of school settings and teachers which impacts any and all of their future educational and professional endeavors.

Parents send their kids off to school to learn and grow both intellectually and emotionally. When the trusting teacher-student relationship is manipulated and violated, a child can be left feeling ashamed, confused, betrayed, and an array of other life-altering emotions. These victimized children and their families are left picking up the pieces of a shattered childhood. The compassionate and experienced team at The Fitch Law Firm knows that nothing can replace this loss of innocence, but we can help victims move forward by seeking justice and compensation for the physical and emotional toll that has been taken.

Accountability for Actions

When some incidences of sexual abuse are brought to the attention of administration, past practice has shown that situations may be downplayed and quietly handled to avoid a media frenzy and any negative reflection on the school district. By taking away the abuser’s teaching position, the immediate threat to a single group of students may be diminished, but no justice has been served, and the prevention of future abuse has not been established. If no formal actions are taken, these sexual predators are often still in possession of a teaching license and can simply move on to another district or state in search of a new class of students to manipulate and abuse. Only when perpetrators are legally held accountable for their crimes against children can justice be served and the healing of victims begin.

Any sexual contact or relations between teachers and students is a crime. If you or a loved one have been a victim of sexual abuse by a teacher, call The Fitch Law Firm toll-free today at (855) 614-6084 for a free consultation and let the healing process begin.