619806_sEducational institutions such as schools and universities are considered to be places of learning, growth, and development. Parents entrust these institutions with the care of their children, and students go in with the expectation to be taught, and to experience academic growth and success.

The expectation therefore is never for a student to be violated through sexual abuse by fellow students, professionals (including teachers and professors), other employees or unaffiliated individuals.

Unfortunately, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 8% of all sexual assaults occur while the victim is attending school. This indicates that schools and universities, which are often thought of as being safe for students, are not exempt from such criminal activities.

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Who are the perpetrators?

Although we would like to believe all cases of sexual abuse in schools are perpetrated by outsiders, the sad reality is fellow students and faculty members have been reported as perpetrators. Alarmingly, in some cases these perpetrators are sheltered, or the occurrence is silenced by administrators in an effort to protect the reputation of the institution. This “protection” however comes at the expense of the victimized student, as their claims may be invalidated, preventing them from receiving justice, along with putting other unsuspecting individuals at risk.

In a Time Magazine January 2015 article, it was revealed that former student athlete Jesse Matthew, Jr., who was accused twice of sexual assault on a college campus, was allowed to move on without being sanctioned. He was later charged with the murder of a University of Virginia student and the kidnap and murder of a Virginia Tech student after leaving.

Sexual perpetrators on college campuses and in schools also sit among the faculty, as there have been numerous accounts of teachers and professors abusing their power and trust at the expense of students. Such trauma not only impacts the victim’s psychological or social functioning, but also their ability to succeed academically.

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