39023713_sSexual misconduct and abuse in organizational settings is not limited to unwanted or unwelcome sexual advances from a boss or coworker. They can also come from the professionals we go to for help, such as therapists, psychiatrists or even a physician. At The Fitch Law Firm, we understand that such deliberate misuse of power and violation of trust by these professionals often results in negative emotional and psychological effects on the part of the victim. We also realize that this could impact the victim’s ability to seek or accept help from other professionals in the future, such as refusal to see a doctor or forfeiting treatment.

The experienced professionals at The Fitch Law Firm understand that victims are deeply impacted by such exploitation and violation of trust, and we will aggressively seek justice on your behalf. Our attorney John Fitch strongly believes in upholding integrity and justice, and he will aggressively fight to hold the perpetrators responsible.

If you have been sexually abused by a trusted professional whose job was to help, you may be entitled to compensation. You need an experienced attorney to investigate your case and fight for your rights.

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It’s not your fault

When we seek the help of professionals, we let our guards down and trust them to do just that — help. We expect they will provide the assistance we need, offer their expert advice and prevent harm. We don’t expect them to betray our trust, exploit our vulnerabilities, violate their professional boundaries, abuse their power and manipulate or cause us harm. Unfortunately, professionals who sexually abuse their clients or patients do just those things, which often results in psychological and emotional problems that can significantly impact the victim’s life.

Some of the most common instances of sexual abuse by professionals take place among healthcare providers, as there are a growing number of reports of healthcare professionals, including physicians, psychiatrists and therapists, sexually abusing patients. This, however, is not limited to healthcare providers, as there have been instances in several other areas. Unfortunately sexual abuse in such cases likely has been under-reported, as victims are often intimidated and may even fear the possibility no one will believe their story.

Professionals may commit or try to cover up sexual abuse in the following ways:

  • Non-consensual touching or rubbing
  • Claim sexual acts as part of examination or treatment
  • Sexual assault/rape
  • May tell patients/clients their questions or concerns about the abusive behavior are simple misunderstandings
  • Try to keep patient from reporting abuse by giving money, gifts or access to prescription drugs
  • Try to convince patients loved ones that they are can be trusted
  • Threaten to stop treatment or harm patient if they report abuse

Don’t Be Silent!

At The Fitch Law Firm we understand that abuse from trusted professionals can often result in self-blame and shame. Unfortunately, these act as significant hurdles for survivors to take action and begin the healing process. With the help of our understanding and compassionate professionals, you can hold these perpetrators and the organizations that support them accountable. Our attorney John Fitch represents victims of sexual abuse, and has successfully fought for justice on behalf of victims for three decades.

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