40936643_sThe church is considered by most as a place of worship, where some go in search of hope, peace, and leadership. It is viewed as an upright institution where the leaders or clergy are often held in high esteem, believed to be honest, and are trusted. Unfortunately, at times this trust is violated by church leaders or associates, resulting in lasting emotional and psychological effects.

John Fitch and the professionals at the Fitch Law Firm understand the shame, guilt, confusion, and anger that is associated with such violation of trust, and the abuse of power linked to this kind of sexual abuse. But you are not alone. At The Fitch Law Firm we work hard to understand the facts of each case, provide high-quality service, and diligently advocate for all our clients with compassion and confidentiality.

John and his team are leaders in seeking justice for survivors of sexual abuse by religious/church personnel, and have worked feverishly over the years to seek justice and accountability for victims of all types of sexual abuse, including those involving religious organizations.

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The Perpetrators

In recent years, there has been an increase in reports of sexual abuse in ministry, which was brought to the attention of the public. Such misconduct and victimization believed to only take place outside the sanctity of the church walls was now revealed to be a deeply embedded problem within the church. This not only highlighted the fact that the faith community was also vulnerable to sexual abuse, but that these perpetrators preyed on the vulnerability of their victims.

Individuals including pastors, clergymen and employees within these organizations have been involved in sexual misconduct within the church community. Such mistrust has not only resulted in emotional and psychological consequences, but also a complete loss of confidence in the teachings of the church and in God.

One of the contributing factors to the victims’ emotional and psychological displacement is tied to the invalidating response from others within the community. In fact, there are reports of pastors or priests being defended, while members of the congregation turn against the victim, particularly if the pastor or priest is very charismatic and well liked.

At The Fitch Law Firm, we recognize these difficulties faced by such victims, and understand the importance of validation and knowing someone cares and believes your story. We also believe in maintaining confidentiality, seeking swift justice, and providing consistent feedback and updates about the legal process and what to expect. Our attorney John Fitch is experienced in the area of sexual abuse, and we are willing to investigate the details of your case.

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